Technology Stack

We don’t use a mono stack approach. Our wide stack gives us the possibility to use the best tools for each use case, helps to model tech future, to develop skills and avoid tech and vendor lock-in.

Technology table

Here is the second version of the way of displaying of a tech stack. Previously we had Technology Radar, however, this could not be used.

To make the process of choosing technology more clear and simple we going to have a table, where we have an area and use cases. For each use case, we have the technology and our attitude to this. Attitude shows: is it the best choice, on research or on the trial stage. We have the hold section where located unaccepted or ancient technologies. Our attitude to each technology has an explanation of why.

All categories except research can work in production.

Legend: Languages & Frameworks Tools Platforms

AreaCasesResearchTrialBest choiceHold

Other tools

Messenger for communications with ITSlack
Messenger for corporate communicationsWorkplace
Official correspondenceEmail
Social NetworkWorkplace
Knowledge BaseConfluence, GitHub
Task TrackerJira
Video ConferencingZoom
Incident ManagementBPM Online
Endless BoardsMiro