Leroy Merlin Engineering Values

We are building technology company-platform.

Engineering culture is the behavior of people when no one is watching.

What`s inside

Topics based on interviews with the development teams. 3 logical sections explaining “how it is accepted here”, basic principles are used by teams for software development. Each paragraph contains physical practics and anti-pattern, explaining bad behavior.


People are the heart of the company.


Building long-term systems and fighting with technical debt.


Сonstantly challenging selection of tools.

Why whe need this

As you may know, engineering culture is present in every company, but not every company describes it in the written form. The development of IT products is a complex process, with no possibility to create instructions for all occasions. Therefore, IT companies бbuilding relationships on trust, resort to the practice of describing engineering values. This helps to act in a consistent manner and, as a result, to develop reliable software faster. It also speeds up the onboarding of new hires and protects the common-sense position.

Engineering culture is our competitive advantage in the market.

How to use

This is not a document that, once written, will go on the shelf. This is information that is constantly being tested, changed, and improved. Values will help you make the right and consistent decision. They are used by novice or future colleagues, learning how we live. They explain the behavior that is encouraged here. The theses are referred to in the dialogue, confirming position.

Can I update text?

Yes! Moreover, it is encouraged. In order for the described theses not to be the position of one person, it is necessary that as many people as possible to participate in the creation. Controversial issues are resolved collectively in the Pull Request comments. Feel free to click on the buttons on the right Edit page or Suggest improvement and send pull requests.

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